Kevin Erasmus


My Experience


Experienced professional with diverse industry background, delivering exceptional results. Meticulous entrepreneur with keen eye for detail, ensuring error-free, polished work. Strong people and skills consistently produce high-quality work that resonates with the clients. Approach every project with respect and professionalism, aiming to exceed expectations.




After discovering my passion for business and working with people, I embarked on several entrepreneurial ventures. I am proud to share that despite facing numerous challenges and obstacles, I have successfully transitioned into a full-time entrepreneur.

Tech Revival


Network Administrator/Technician

Setting up and maintaining the internal network, monitoring traffic, troubleshooting faults, and repairing Windows laptops and MacBooks.



Helpdesk Agent

Troubleshooting CPE devices, RF-towers as well as setting up and assisting in regards to additional network equipment for clients.



Sales Agent

Provide expert guidance and exceptional customer service.




Keeping up with admin duties as well as keeping track of all unit keys, as well as organise inspections of properties and maintenance

My Skills

I have dedicated time to excel in networking, website development, customer service, and administration. I have proven my ability to navigate challenges and achieve success by founding and leading my own ventures, providing expert guidance, and delivering exceptional customer service. As a network administrator and technician, I have set up and maintained internal networks, troubleshooted faults, and repaired laptops. Additionally, as a helpdesk agent, I have handled troubleshooting for various devices and assisted in setting up network equipment. With a creative spirit and a commitment to growth, I am ready to bring my skills and experience to new opportunities.

  • Networking
  • Website Development
  • Customer service
  • Administration

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